Muscles Pack available in 3d-plugin store

Muscles Pack available in 3d-plugin store

We are proud to announce the excellent combination of powerful Dio-O-Matic character animation tools and 3d-io Bonespro skinning solution for Autodesk 3dsMax – bundled in a unique Muscles Pack character toolset!

Di-O-Matic Muscles Pack includes the following plugins for 3ds max:
Cluster-O-Matic + Hercules + BonesPro + VIP support

The Di-O-Matic Muscles Pack allows you to create stunning character deformations in 3ds max using the best skinning and deformations techniques on your character rigs. Achieve better skinning faster than ever.

You also get a complementary one-year VIP support which includes priority technical support, exclusive tools and beta testing access on future products to name but a few of the many VIP benefits. Ease the installation process and implementation in your production pipeline with floating licenses and free rendering nodes for your rendering farm.

For all those who thought muscular systems were only for major production studios and required complex custom rigging and scripting Hercules, Di-O-Matic’s innovative muscular animation plug-in for 3ds max. Hercules works together with all 3ds max skinning modifiers like the built-in Skin, Physique and Bones Pro. It works wonders on existing skinning by causing the skin to react based on underlying muscle deformations.

BonesPro MusclePackBonesPro
BonesPro is a sophisticated, fast and optimized plugin for organic skinning of characters and objects in 3ds Max. It allows you to create high quality skin rapidly with easy-to-understand bone influences and vertex assignments, impressive real-time skin-deformations and special-effects. BonesPro provides fast and easy skinning setup and smooth skin deformations. It provides you with the ability to achieve impressive results in record time.

Cluster-O-Matic is a powerful selection modifier for 3ds max which allows you to create advanced soft-selections and then animate them with ease. Whether you are looking for a more versatile selection system or seeking to create complex selections to be used with the Hercules deformation modifier, you cannot go wrong with production proven Cluster-O-Matic.

One year VIP support
Including priority technical support and exclusive tools to name but a few of the many VIP benefits.
The Di-O-Matic VIP support package is valid for a full year (365 days inclusive) starting on the date of purchase. At the expiration date you will lose all benefits, including VIP Tools licenses. You will then need to renew your yearly support package. Should you prefer to not renew, you will then be covered by the limited Basic support package.

Visit MusclePack Offer in our store or get more details from Di-O-Matic Software website!

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