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Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our products!

3d-io offers EDU licenses of all plugins as full versions for educational purposes to students, staff and academic institutions at a 75% discount.

Educational licenses offer 75% discounts:
Bonespro: 299,00 € – 75% = 74,75 €
Unwrella: 149,00 € – 75% = 37,25 €
Flatiron:  299,00 € – 75% = 74,75 €
(excluding VAT)*

In order to obtain an EDU license(s) please:

1) send us proof of your student or faculty status
(e.g. ID card with expiration). A snapshot or scan are sufficient.
2) download and fill out the following form:
either using “Adobe Acrobat X Pro” or as an image file.
3) Use a college / university email address for registration

Student/Teacher ID CardEDU Submission Form

Our “EDU” licenses can be used freely except for commercial purposes.
They expire automatically after 2 years.

If you then decide to purchase the full version, we will deduct what you already paid for the EDU version from the final price.

Educational documents submission

    *VAT pricing details:
    For non-EU customers: no VAT
    For German customers: 19% MwSt.
    For EU customers (excluding Germany): 19% German VAT. If you have a European VAT Number, you can include that in you purchase order of our shopping site and your local VAT will be applied. If you are an academic institution you can be exempt from VAT, simply include your VAT number (UidSt) in the order form of our online shop.

    For further questions or additional information please feel free to contact us anytime!

    Sales only to commercial customers, associations and public institutions