Flatiron 2.36 with Arnold Support

Flatiron 2.36 with Arnold Support

Flatiron texture baking with Arnold Renderer

The newest update of Flatiron (version 2.36) allows 3D artists and studios to unwrap, uv-pack and texture-bake objects or whole scenes using Arnold Renderer. This Flatiron update completes our efforts to include all market leading 3D renderers into our compatibility list. After 10 years of constant development it is the last stroke on the painting in our efforts to support 3D developers and creatives in their work.

If you are using Arnold renderer for your production, you have to update it to the Arnold 2.1.9+ version from the Solid Angle homepage.

Flatiron 3D supported rederers

The update for Arnold is free for all 3ds Max users: https://www.arnoldrenderer.com/arnold/download/#3dsmax

The latest version of Flatiron is free for all customers and can be downloaded here: https://licensing.3d-plugin.com


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