Spotmask precision plugin for Autodesk 3dsMax mentalray

Spotmask precision plugin for Autodesk 3dsMax mentalray

The solution for many mentalray aritsts and video compositors has been finally released. 3d-io, the creator of Unwrella, FlatIron and BonesPro has unvield the next production tool for enhanced 3d and video post-processing interaction.

Spotmask is the set of precision render elements for Autodesk 3dsmax mentalray. It offers the new world position pass output as well es repaired and optimized motion velocity, UVW and normal passes. Especially the replacement for the current malfunctioning mentalray velocity pass allows arists to render fast motion blur in their video compositing applications.
This means the color, effects, motion blur, textures and filter corrections do not need to be rendered again, but simply and fast adjusted with Spotmask channels afterward.

Spotmask v1 features:
– Render element plugin for for World-Position, Normal and UV Pass output
– Special advanced MentalRay output for Vector Pass (Motion Blur)
– Easy, customizable and reliable render output for efficient compositing work
– Very fast render speed

The latest version of Spotmask is now ready for download and offers full support for Autodesk 3ds Max 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014(each in 32 bit and 64 bit versions).

The Spotmask plug-in and a lot of associated training materials are now available at
If you are a veteran 3d video artists, you can at last engage the correct render elements in order to improve your animation workflow even more. If Spotmask and render element technology is new to you, check out the tutorials and free trial to see how Spotmask works.

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