2025 Plugin Updates

2025 Plugin Updates

3d-io has released the free plugin updates for Autodesk 2025 software.

All customers can get the free updages from here: Customer Login

The latest update of 3d-io’s 3d plug-ins comes in parallel to the annually release of Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya 2025.
All 3ds Max plug-ins (BonesPro, Flatiron, Unwrella and UV-Packer) have been recompiled, improved and made ready for production with the latest 3ds Max version.

BonesPro 4.85.00

  • Add support for 3ds Max 2025

Unwrella 4.05

Unwrella 4.05.00 for 3ds Max 2025

  • Add support for 3ds Max 2024

Unwrella 4.05.00 for Maya 2025

  • Add support for Maya 2024

Flatiron 3.03

Flatiron 3.04.00

  • Add support for 3ds Max 2025

UV-Packer 3.04

UV-Packer 3.04.00

  • Add support for 3ds Max 2025

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