Exr-IO Photoshop plugin released!

Exr-IO Photoshop plugin released!

Exr-IO v1.0 released

3d-io announces Exr-IO, a free OpenEXR reader / writer for Adobe Photoshop.

Exr-IO (www.exr-io.com) is the bridge between Photoshop and the advanced image file format OpenEXR. It is a free, robust and exact solution for dealing with complex multi-layer pictures: Exr-IO loads all image channels from OpenEXR files into separate Photoshop layers, while preserving exact values, transparencies and dimensions.

Exr-IO supports all OpenEXR features and provides workflow optimizations for Photoshop:
• Open and save all channels of the OpenEXR file
• Support for Photoshop layer features like blending and opacity
• Deep data sample import
• Accurate support for chromaticities and color formats
• Support for OpenEXR display window specification
• Extensive load and save options
• Adobe Photoshop 32 and 64 bit versions support (Windows)
• Free of charge

Get your free copy of Exr-IO from: www.exr-io.com and start editing 3d images in Photoshop as others do it in compositing software.
Free download: http://www.exr-io.com
Detailed feature liste: http://www.exr-io.com/features/
Tutorials: http://www.exr-io.com/learning/

About 3d-io
3d-io GmbH was founded in 1999 in Germany as a visual arts studio and software development company.
Originally a video games developer, the company optimized its production pipeline by developing its own plugins for Autodesk and Adobe products.
Consequentially this resulted in a whole portfolio of specialized 3d-Plugin software solutions consisting of Unwrella, BonesPro, Flatiron, UV-Packer and Spotmask.

For the last 20 years industry leaders in gaming, VFX, advertisement, architecture and movie production are relying on 3d-io’s products for their efficiency, ease of use and robust results.

3d-io is now expanding its successful portfolio with Exr-IO, a free OpenEXR© image reader and writer for Adobe Photoshop.

Sales only to commercial customers, associations and public institutions