Flatiron 2.01 update

Flatiron 2.01 update

Flatiron has been updated to version 2.01, adding the following corrections:

Occasionally some bake elements were ignored by Flatiron because they were considered incompatible even though they should be supported. This caused some bake elements to not show up in the selection list in certain cases.
Corrected an issue where networkrender batch merge in some cases didn’t detect file names correctly (especially when rendering with mentalray).

Flatiron 2.01 is available for purchase at https://www.3d-plugin.com for EUR 299 and is a free update for all existing Flatiron customers.

Training materials are available on the YouTube 3dioplugins channel.

For more information please visit http://www.texturebaking.com

Sales only to commercial customers, associations and public institutions